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Advanced Textile Solutions

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Environmental Composites, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of advanced textile materials. Founded by a team of seasoned professionals with experience spanning the past 40 years, ECI proudly manufactures all of our products in the USA. Our creative material solutions are derived from experience in hybrid composite textiles, allowing ECI to offer unique and innovative designs to our customers. It is our goal to add value and efficiency to your products.

At ECI, we pride ourselves on genuine customer support. Your calls are greeted by a real person, and our talented and dedicated staff can take your project from concept to finished goods. Many of our customers are seeking new and efficient ways to push the boundaries of nonwoven and textile product characteristics. In response, ECI has developed unique equipment solutions to offer new and innovative approaches to manufacturing the next generation of materials, while meeting the product goals of today.

ECI is committed to quality and reliability. We proudly maintain an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, and continuously seek improvements to our operations since we formed in 2007.

Now that you have learned about us, we look forward to learning more about you and how we can best serve your team and customers with our needled nonwoven textiles, fabrics and composites.

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