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AEROLITE™ Thermoform

ECI’s Aerolite Carbon Fiber products are the next generation of carbon fiber composite materials. Our thermoplastic carbon fiber composites support large volume production and improved economics.  

ECI’s Aerolite Carbon Sheets are engineered to deliver the performance of carbon fiber in a form that supports cost effective, high throughput thermoforming. Aerolite Carbon is the strongest thermoformable material available in the market. This material enables thermoformers to access the sophisticated performance of carbon fiber, ultimately gaining access to new high value markets while maximizing the production value of current thermoforming equipment.

Aerolite Carbon Sheets are designed for use in the pressure forming process, and are also compatible in some vacuum forming applications. The material is supplied in sheet form and is available in a range of size and thickness. Aerolite Carbon is available in different thermoforming temperature ranges to suit your equipment and end application.

For medium to large volume customers, ECI offers customized surface colors, textures, and appearance. This eliminates secondary processes while adding value and style to your products.


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