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APEX™ Laminate

ECI’s APEX Carbon Fiber products are a world leader in economical lightweight performance.

APEX Carbon offers incredible performance and value that includes high strength, lightweight, anti-corrosive, excellent impact, low cost, and high throughput manufacturing.

ECI proudly manufactures solid laminates for customers of all sizes who are looking for high performance sheet products that are easily machined and ready for assembly. Our APEX Carbon Fiber Laminate Sheets offer competitive pricing, superior impact strength, and high performance. ECI Carbon Products are made to the highest standard through our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing and quality system.



What makes APEX Carbon unique?

  • Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber
  • More affordable than competition
  • High Impact Thermoplastic Resins – Non-Brittle
  • No Weave – despite popular belief, woven carbon fiber is an inferior design for performance. Our engineers formerly developed aerospace composites for applications such as fighter jets, helicopters, and rocket motors. The same cutting-edge technology is used in APEX Carbon laminates to maximize performance and economy.



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