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Capabilities – Raw Materials

Environmental Composites, Inc. is experienced in the use of a broad range of raw materials. Our textile equipment is designed to manufacture and incorporate a variety of raw material forms into a single web or a multi-layered hybrid design. ECI composite textiles often include combinations of nonwoven, woven, and specialty layers, using a variety of fibers and forms. This unique material approach ultimately adds value and differentiation to our customers' products while addressing the unique requirements of specific customers.

Additionally, ECI product designs can eliminate the need for chemical binders, flame retardants, and other undesirable finishes while meeting product performance demands. Our material solutions will help you meet the customer requirements of today and tomorrow, with a hybrid material customized for your specific application.

Some examples of the types of materials we produce and/or incorporate into our multi-layer fabrics include:

  • Needle Punched Felts
  • Super Absorbent Layers
  • Flame Retardant Veils
  • Elastic Fabrics
  • Woven or Nonwoven Fabrics

Some examples of the types of fibers and raw materials we commonly use include:

  • Thermoplastic and other synthetic fibers (Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, etc.)
  • OPAN (Pre-Ox, Oxidized PAN)
  • Para-Aramid
  • Natural Fibers such as wool
  • Recycled Fibers
  • Meta-Aramid
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Superabsorbents
  • Teflon


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