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Markets – Filtration

The filtration media market continues to grow, driven by consumer demand for clean air, clean drinking water, and increased fuel efficiency in vehicles as well as continual improvements to the medical, pharmaceutical and environmental industries. Along with the increased demand in volume, consumers are also becoming more conscious of chemical coating and binder content in their products. Elimination of toxic chemicals is necessary for progressive filtration design.

ECI filtration media do not require coatings and additives. Because our materials are mechanically and heat stabilized, they survive environments with negligible degradation and chemical leaching. This improves the marketability of filtration products.

Our products are tailored to offer varying media density in a single sheet cross section. This design enables controlled capture of particles based on size and density in product applications.

ECI customers rely on our performance filtration products in applications ranging from basic filtration to aviation fuel and industrial mist coalescers. Our dedicated team is ready to take your next project from concept to delivered goods.


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